inicio cursos energy efficiency in buildings

MOOC: Energy Efficiency in Buildings

This course consists of 4 modules that, together, provide an introduction to energy efficiency in buildings. It is a comprehensive tutorial, meant to engage and challenge students to consider the many decision levels and options involved in advancing energy efficiency in buildings. The course covers fundamental technical, design, policy and financial dimensions necessary to practically engage on the topic. It has a geographic focus on Latin America.



No previous background is needed to understand the course content. The course is geared towards students, early career professionals, and citizens who would benefit from a cross-disciplinary approach to energy efficiency in buildings.


This course has been created by CAF -development bank of Latin America- and the International Energy Agency (IEA)


The main objective of the course is to introduce students to the fundamentals of energy efficiency in buildings, with a geographic focus on Latin America. This is accomplished by applying theory to practice, drawing on experience across Latin America and the world to prepare students to apply what they have learned. It covers technical, legal, financial and practical aspects of energy efficiency in buildings with the goals of:


  • providing participants with a vision of the “big picture”,
  • enough details to engage productively on any of the topics, and
  • resources for information and collaboration.


With this course, the instructors hope to educate and motivate the next generation of citizens and professionals dedicated to improving the built environment.